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  • "FLORA & FIBER" Textured Paper Ribbon Rolls - 11 yd Rolls
A thin, lightweight paper ribbon that  has been "accordion" folded to create an interesting texture
  • 904152 "FLORA & FIBER" Textured Paper Ribbon-10 pc Bulk Roll Pak
Get one 11 yd. Roll of each color of these textured ribbons and SAVE 38% over single Roll
  • 904150 Flora & Fiber Textured Paper Ribbon "Taster Pak"         
When you can't decide which ones you want, try our "Taster Pak".   Perfect for collage & paper artists, 2 yds. each of all 10 colors & fibers in this unusual textured ribbon - 20 yds. total.
  • 04147 Flora & Fiber Textured Paper Ribbon, "White Birch"
Like the papery tree bark it is named after, the alabaster white textured ribbon has various bits & pieces of botanical fiber embedded in the paper ribbon
  • 04143 Flora & Fiber Textured Paper Ribbon, "Spring Meadow"
Long, slender pieces of green grass bits are embedded in this ivory/cream colored, textured paper ribbon
  • 04140 Flora & Fiber Textured Paper Ribbon, "Tobacco Leaf"
Large & small brown flakes embedded in a warm bone colored, textured paper ribbon
  • 04146 Flora & Fiber Textured Paper Ribbon, "Seafoam Kelp Bits & Chili"
Darker botanical bits combine with red flakes embedded in an eggshell/pistachio colored, textured paper ribbon
  • 04144 Flora & Fiber Textured Paper Ribbon, "Apricot Grass"
Lots of bits of green grass bits embedded in a warm peach/orange, textured paper ribbon
  • 04145 Flora & Fiber Textured Paper Ribbon, "Peaches & Bark"
Various sizes of botanical bits & pieces are embedded in a pale, powdery peach textured paper ribbon
  • 04149 Flora & Fiber Textured paper Ribbon, "Cherries & Chilis"
Bits & pieces of red & sepia colored botanical bits embedded in the rosy pink/peach blush colored, textured paper ribbon
  • 04141 Flora & Fiber Textured Paper Ribbon, "French Marigold"
Long fibers mix with smaller botanical bits, embedded in a sunny yellow textured paper ribbon
  • 04142 Flora & Fiber Textured Paper Ribbon, "Rose Cappuccino"
Light caramel color with a hint of rose, textured paper ribbon with tiny embedded flecks of botanical material scattered across the surface
  • Flora & Fiber Paper Ribbons torn into strips and allowed to slightly overlap each other - see next photo for stained effect
  • The same palette of Flora & Fiber Paper Ribbons as the previous photo, but here I added a trransparent acrylic stain - each ribbon strip took the stain in a different way - great in collage.
  • "Seafoam Kelp Bits & Chilis" Flora & Fiber Paper Ribbon, 3 pieces cut large enough to overlap each other, creating a variety of shading with only one color/fiber
  • This piece used 3 different Flora & Fiber Paper Ribbons, "Seafoam Kelp Bits & Chilis" & "Cherries & Chilis" were put down first, then "Spring Meadow" was put down in the center, giving me 5 different visual effects from just 3 pieces
0.50 LBS

Product Description



11 yd. Rolls


Collage & mixed media artists will love these unusual paper "ribbons".. They are chock-full of various botanical bits embedded in the paper pulp,  Cut into 4" "ribbon" width, they are then put through a machine that "accordion" folds them, creating a crinkly diamond texture.  After this crinkling they are approx. 3 - 3-1/2" in width.

The soft paper ribbons are subtly pigmented in warm earth tones that compliment the various organic bits in them. 

We have 10 different colors/botanical varieties - each is available in an 11 yd. Roll, or you can get ALL 10 Color Rolls & SAVE 38%.


We also have a  "Taster Pak" of all 10 Colors -  2 yds. each (20 yds total)


 Interesting "as is", they also take paints extremely well, especially transparent ones that allow the texture and fibers to show through.


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