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Handmade Paper (other thoughts)

HANDMADE PAPER  (other thoughts) 


We are in love with the textures, the versatility, the rich colors, the romance and yes, the sensual quality of handmade papers, and are dedicated to continuously exploring and expanding this product area, as well as coming up with great new ways to work with this wonderful stuff!




Most of our papers are considered acid free. Actually they are “acid neutral: meaning they fall in the ideal range for longevity between acid and alkaline.  Most are not made of wood and therefore lignin is not a concern. We produce our papers in “parent” sheets – which can be cut or torn into the smaller sizes used in scrapbooking.

Handmade paper can be made from a huge variety of natural botanical material, creating a diversity of textures, natural coloration, visible fibers, etc. We have chosen to categorize our papers by “Collections” based on textures, style, weight and visual similarity. Sizes will vary and are listed for each paper. Due to the fragile nature of paper, sheets are not returnable 



“This paper is handmade from organic and natural materials. The character of this product is subject to weather, seasons, and other whims of Mother Nature, so we can guarantee that it probably will NOT be consistent in color or texture from one batch to the next, or even one sheet to the next”


 Remember: Handmade paper brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘dye lot’”!




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