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So, here is what happens: we are on an overseas buying trip with some specifics in mind, but then "OMG - look at THAT" (or THOSE) - and there we go -  something that is so cool that just screams "take me, take me", and of course we do!

The Fake Fish are one of my personal loves - I have a string of them in my studio, another string at the office, a couple individuals in an old fishing creel & a half a fish miraculously emerging from the hallway ceiling.

Other faux foods also catch our attention, as do a variety of other "open market" type goodies that just beg to be included in some type of design, decor and/or artwork. 

  • The Italian Onion Cluster onions are finished with real onion skins & hang on natural raffia stems.
  • Green Apples come in a wood crate, and the Heather Hen Eggs look real enough to fool any Heather Hen.