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If you have never worked with Abaca, you're in for a real treat!  Made from  close relative of the banana tree, this tough fiber is harvested, and then woven into these light, airy and unusual textiles. 

We specialize in this beautiful, natural textile and have it available in a variety of colors, widths, patterns and configurations.  We work with excellent weavers that take pride in both the raw materials and their personal workmanship, ensuring a quality product.

Our Abaca Fiber "Solid" Textiles are a fairly tight but airy weave in rich colors & hues.  Available in a 2" "Ribbon" width, and an 18" "Wrap" width, both can be purchased either "by-the-yard" or for some great savings, in Bulk Rolls.

We love this stuff! 

The Abaca "Solid" Textiles have lots of "body" and can be used for everything from window coverings to table runners - the creative uses for this versatile material are limited only by your own imagination. And if you are an artist or craftsperson, this stuff is to die for!

  • Use bits and pieces in collage and/or mixed media artwork, it adds such interesting texture and depth to 2 dimensional artworks. 
  • Add small snippets as background on handmade cards. 
  • "Weave" it in and out of tree branches, through a wreath or swag some across a mantle
  • Gift wrap!

Abaca Fiber is also made into a variety of other products - Our exclusive Pulp Netting has handmade paper pulp blown into the open loose weave.  

Once you try this stuff you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Watch this category for other unusual fiber based textiles 

Ideas, projects and other mental musings on paper & art can be found on our blog www.looseendspapernadart.com.