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Island Fibers Handmade Papers

  • Island Fibers Handmade Papers
A large collection (Fifteen 24" x 36" handmade paper Sheets & Two  28" x 30" handmade paper Parchments) of various shades of natural pale pulps with a variety of different botanical fibers, colored straw, bits of pigmented pulps, etc. scattered & embedded in the sheets
  • #26685 Island Fibers, "Scattered" 24" x 36"
Tiny black fiber flecks on white pulp form a backdrop for larger pieces of dark fiber
  • #26686 Island Fibers, "Textured Bits" 24" x 36"
Light cream colored pulp has a light crosshatch texture with small chunks of fiber embedded within.
  • #26682 Island Fibers, "Sealife" 24" x 36"
Colorful fibers in blues, rust, brown, burgundy, turquoise and more on a light mocha, fiberous background
  • #26681 Island Fibers, "Catalina" 24" x 36"
Long fibers in dark blues, magentas & purples are liberally scattered across a neutral surface that has a slight "blush"
  • #26678 Island Fibers, "Blue Grass" 24" x 36"
Tiny bits of "blue grass" mingle with larger pieces of bamboo shavings on a pale cream background.
  • #26677 island Fibers, "Tropical Straw" 24" x 36"
Chunks of natural fiber have been colored in bright tropical hues and set in a very fibrous textured, pale cream pulp
  • #26675 Island Fibers, "Carnival" 24" x 36"
Brown, rust, sage, charcoal and other subdued shades of colored fiber are embedded and adhered to a cream colored pulp background that is liberally sprinkled with tiny bits of black fiber, giving the surface a "peppered" appearance and texture.
  • #26674 Island Fibers, "Local News" 24" x 36"
Pale grey background has tiny black fiber bits, creating a "peppered" surface with shredded strands of the "local news" embedded in the surface.  Occassional bits of colored fiber accent the sheet.
  • #26672 Island Fibers, "Tiny Leaf" 24" x 36"
Tiny 1/2"-3/4" leaves are randomly scattered on a relatively smooth off-white background
  • #26659 Island Fibers, "Plankton" 24 x 36"
A very nubby surface is created by small brown and charcoal bits thickly scattered on a natural beige background,
  • 26658 Islnd Fibers, "Kelp Bits" 24" x 36"
Bits and larger chunks of various fiber pieces are embedded in a "yellow blush" paper pulp.
  • #26655 Island Fibers, "Bay Leaf" 27" x 36"
One of the larger Island Fibers papers, the background is almost a natural kraft color, with leaf bits and flecks scattered across the surface.
  • #26656 Island Fibers, "Chopped Straw" 27" x 38"
One of the larger Island Fibers papers, a pale vanilla surface forms the background for a liberal sprinkling of thin, darker, grey/brown/green, straw-like natural fibers
  • #26653 Island Fibers, "Husk" 24" x 36"
Various sizes and shapes of coconut husk in a light cream sheet with a relatively smooth surface.
  • #26650 Island Fibers, "Palm Leaf" 24" x 36"
Individual palm "leaflets" are lightly embedded in an off-white paperpulp.
  • #26780 Island Fibers Parchment, "Bark Bits" 28" x 30" - Photo 26780 #2
Lots of short bits of dark brown fibers against a light cream background on a parchment weight sheet.
Photographed on solid white background, fiber content is more subtle than when light shines through.
See Photo 26780-#1 for more info.
  • #26771 Island Fibers Parchment, "Burnt Bamboo" 28" x 30" - Photo 26771 #1
Pieces of shaved bamboo in a light vanilla pulp on this parchment weight sheet.
Photographed on window with light coming through, showing lots of visible fiber.  Translucent, not transparent, allowing natural light to flow through.
0.25 LBS

Product Description

Island Fibers Handmade Papers 

Papers: 24" x 36"  &  27" x 36" sheets

Parchments: 28" x 30" 

(Please note sizes below)


If you are looking for a natural colored paper with a selection of various natural fibers, then the Island Fibers is a great place to start! 

This collection of very diverse handmade papers has a variety of different types of natural fibers, including bamboo, barks, coconut husk, grasses and/or leaves, bringing to mind tropical breezes, swaying palms, the mingled fragrances of salt air, frangipani and jasmine.  Most of the Island Fibers papers are of a medium weight..

Three of the Parchments are 28" x 30",  and one ("Gardenia") is 28" x 30".  The Parchments are very thin and lightweight, and although not transparent, with light behind them all of the fibers become very visible. 


We have provided 2 photos each of the 4 different Parchments, one on a window with light coming through, and one on a solid background so that you can see the difference in the visual effect.  The Parchments are frequently used on lampshades, windows,etc. where translucency, but not transparency is desired. 

Placing your mouse over any individual thumbnail will give you additional, specific paper color/pattern/etc. information.  Click on any thumbnail for larger image.



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